Building Websites

History of website is not very old. Use of websites started gaining popularity in the 1990s. Today there are many kinds of websites - non-profit making personal websites, business websites, educational websites and many more. Websites may also be thought of as static, dynamic, content management system etc.

website building

Good Websites

What is the number-one factor in quality website design? Some say great graphics are the key. Others may say information contained in the website is the key factor. Still others may say ease of use is the most important factor. People have their own preferences but from the above mentioned factors one may conclude that a good combination of these three factors is likely to give a good website.

Planning Your Website

Before you start building a website you must have a plan for the site. First, decide on the purpose of the site. If the purpose of the site is to protect a certain type of bird, your website should try to inform people about that bird. Which age group? Probably all. The graphics you put on your site must relate to the bird. The information in your site must try to earn sympathy of the people for the bird. The design of the site must make it easy for the user to find any relevant information contained in the site.
There are many other points to consider when planning to build an all round website. Our website building training program will guide you through all the necessary steps to enable you to build professional looking (and functioning) websites.

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