Our Training Program

The Marketing Program

We have a very carefuly planned training program that requires minimum time and gives maximum efficiency. Our marketing training includes SEO, SEM, SMM, Internet Marketing, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Email Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing.These eight topics receive 16 hours lecture and demonstration. For each week lecture and demonstration are given for 2 hours. Then the students are expected to practice at home for the rest of the week. As is widely known, computer learning is mainly practice oriented. With our program the students get enough time to become thoroughly familiar and skilled in the topic. They can keep in touch with the instructor over telephone or by email throughout their course time and even after.

The Website Building Pregram

The Website Building is a 32 hour learning program that is based on the same princple. Each week the students will get 2 classes for 4 hours. The course will cover HTML, CSS, JaveScript, PHP and MySQL. It will also give the students necessary skills in web graphics. After finishing the course the students will be introduced to WordPress that will take them well beyond the basics. They will be able to edit and customize a WordPress webpage to their hearts' content.


After Training Support

After finishing the training the students will be given support in matters of training and finding job for as long as required. They can attend the classes which they think necessary for revision or reinforcement. They will also get active support to find a job that they can do successfully and is most suitable for them.

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