Social Media Marketing

Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input and interaction. Prominent social media include facebook, twitter, google+, and many others. Though originally intended to be used for personal reasons, social media are widely used now for business purposes - marketing being one of the most important of them. The most important marketing objective is to gain attention of the (potential) customers.


You can gain attention by creating something interesting and valuable. Then you can publish it online for free as a YouTube video, a blog, a research report, photos, a Twitter stream, a Facebook page etc. All of these will get you wider attention - ten, twenty, may be more than thousand times wider than you imagined. We'll tell you a true story. When asked to market 'Harry Potter theme park' Cindy Gordon the marketing head of a very big company in the US decided to employ only seven most popular bloggers on Harry Potter. People read their blogs, and twitted, emailed and blogged. The mainstream media readers read the blogs and they twitted, emailed and the process went on. Within 24 hours 350,000,000 people heard of wizardry world of Harry Potter Theme Park.

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