What is Blog?

A blog is an exciting and energetic space online that people use to reach out, build communities, and express themselves. So many people have blogs these days - even children. Bloggers are showing up everywhere. Businesses are using blogs to reach out to their customers.

Think of a blog as a kind of website. All blogs are websites (the opposite isn't true, though). A blog can be many things: a diary, a news source, a phpto gallery, or even a big business marketing tool. A blog may include text, images, audio, and even video, and blogger talk about everything you can think of.

Depending on the objective of the blog writer, blogs may divided into two types - non-profit personal blog and profit-earning blog. In our training program will cover only profit-earning blogs. Profit-earning blogs are usually topic based. A topic is chosen for the blog and the writer keeps writing in installments. The key to earning from blog is to make the blog popular. The reader of your blog must get 'something' from it in form of maybe pleasure, a useful advice, a solution to a problem, a new skill or and enhancement of an skill already achieved, and so on.


How to Earn from Blog

If your blog is popular (that is, having numerous visitors) you may apply Google Adsense ads. Google Adsense will give you ads that are related to your topic - making it likely for the readers to click on the ads. Every click will earn you some money. This earning is known as pay per click - a very popular way to earn from blog. There are some other ways to earn from blogging among which are the following:

1. By writing review post
2. Putting banner ad on the blog post
3. Trading back link

To achieve all these you must have very high SEO ranking - all the time. Our training package will take care of all these and help you achieve all necessary skills to become a successfull blogger.

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