Affiliate Marketing

Suppose you have 5000 mangoes to sell and the whole village is trying to help you sell the mangoes in return for a small share of the sales proceeds. In the online marketing 'language' you are called a 'merchant', 'advertiser', or 'vendor'and all the villagers are called 'affiliates' or 'publishers'. So, in simple terms, affiliate marketing is online commission sales made through an affiliate proram. An affiliate program is a kind of network that facilitate the relationship between the online merchants and their affiliates - allowing the affiliates to promote sales of the merchantg' product or service.

affiliate marketing

To become an affiliate you have to register in an 'affiliate network. The process of registration very easy and free of cost. The affiliate usually has a website or blog which is related to the product or services of the merchant and in this website or blog an appropriate advertisement may be placed. A click on the adversitement may ultimately lead to actual sales and income for the affiliate.

An affiliate can earn in more than one ways. Some of them are given below:

1. Pay-Per_Sale
2. Pay-Per-Lead
3. Pay-Per-Click
4. Pay-Per-Call
5. Pay-Per-Post
6. Broker Programs

In our training program you will be introduced to affiliate marketing tips and tricks step by step to become a super affiliate finally.

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